Insurance Policy Automation


Develop and implement a client request processing solution aimed at streamlining and automating client request processing, enhancing its efficiency and accuracy.

This would strengthen the company’s competitive position as a part of the insurance market.

Solution Highlights

The insurance company was grappling with inefficient client request processing that averaged 7-8 hours and was often riddled with manual data entry errors. Data discrepancies led to inaccuracies in customer information and the subsequent provision of erroneous insurance offers.

In a market saturated with competition, this posed significant challenges, deterring potential clients.


  1. Camunda and RPA integration reduced application processing from hours to minutes.
  2. Quotas have become more personalized and attractive to customers, increasing the likelihood of being chosen as the preferred insurance company.
  3. Automated data transfers enhance quota system accuracy over manual entry.
  4. Clients now complete fewer online forms, saving time and effort.