At IBA Group, we understand that good relations with the society in which we live and work are ultimately important for our continued business success. Only through deepened relationships with and between employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the community can the company maintain its public confidence.

Positive corporate–society relationships result in sustainable development both of the company and the society. In addition, such policy helps us attract and retain the best industry professionals. The focus areas of our social policy are employee support through training and benefit packages, public education through cooperation with local universities, and community relations.

In October 2008, IBA Group adopted a consistent CSR program. The IBA CSR program says that in its daily operations the company is guided by the principles of ethical behavior, transparency, respect for the rule of law and international norms, and respect for human rights.


In 2015, IBA Group prepared the 2014 CSR report and submitted it for external audit. In 2017, IBA Group updated the CSR report to include results for 2014-2016. The external audit was based on the following standards and criteria:

  • United Nations Global Compact
  • ISO 26000
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AA1000.

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Being a people–centered company, IBA Group provides its employees with healthy and comfortable working conditions and a friendly environment with a full scope of individual attention. We offer a benefit package commensurate with the great contribution that our employees make to our global success. The benefit package includes:

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  • Free medical care at the corporate medical aid station and periodic health examination
  • Discounted recreation/fitness center membership
  • Discounted treatment and boarding at recreation institutions
  • Discounted voluntary health insurance
  • Free vaccination against flu
  • Discounted summer camp vouchers for the IBA employees' children 
  • Sports (sport circles, in–company, city and country championships)
  • Tourism (walking tours, camping trips, tourist festivals and excursions)
  • Corporate celebrations (company anniversaries and employee birthdays)
  • Social allowances to mark person's important events (marriage, child birth, maternity leave or death of close relatives)
  • Interest-free loans
  • Business cars.
Skiing at IBASwimming at IBA
 Aerobics at IBA  Volleyball at IBA

To assess company reputation among its most powerful stakeholders, namely clients and employees, IBA Group undertakes reputation audits on a regular basis. The conducted audits showed that both employees and clients rate IBA higher than its competitors.

Professional Training

IBA employees receive training at IBA Institute (former IBA Training Center) and training centers of world IT leaders, including IBM (US, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, and Russia), HP, SAP, SAS, Microsoft, Novell, Check Point, PTC, and 1C.

IBA Institute offers classes in IT, business, and foreign (English, German, French, and Chinese) languages. As IBA Institute has a Thompson Prometric–authorized testing center, our employees are able to take certification tests in different programs, including about 70 in the IT area (Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, and IBM). Roughly, 25% of IBA employees have received training at the educational centers of global IT providers.

Promoting Talent

IBA Group is dedicated to developing, rewarding, and promoting top talent. In addition to salaries, bonuses, and trainings at leading IT companies, IBA has an electronic Honor Board and publicizes clients’ letters of thanks to individual employees in its intranet. Being a company of varying age groups, IBA conducted a restructuring that resulted in the appointment of more young talented people to leading positions.

Encouraging Compassion

Through the bulletin board, IBA employees raised money for children who needed to go abroad for operations, collected signatures to protest against the killing of homeless dogs and cats by local authorities, and found families for abandoned puppies and kittens.


We are aware that the IT business has great impact on the society. Information technologies create the environment that helps people gain access to the benefits of scientific and technological progress. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to invest in public education and equip people with the skills that allow them to use IT to their advantage.

Since 2004, IBA has been sponsoring the Belarusian national contest in informatics among students of colleges, vocational schools, and special technical institutions. The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus sent a letter to thank IBA for contribution in the development of the national educational system.

IBA Group has good and long-lasting relations with Belarusian and Czech universities.

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Belarusian Universities

Our cooperation with the Belarusian State University (BSU) and the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) located in Minsk has been developing dynamically. The IBA activities include:

  • Lectures and workshops for university students by leading IBA specialists
  • Training of university students and teachers at IBA
  • Joint scientific research in the IT area
  • Joint conferences, seminars, and meetings
  • Computing and network equipment for university laboratories
  • Provision of fiber optic connection to the IBA LAN for authorized students
  • Sponsorship of summer student conferences (since 2002) and students competitions (since 1999)

 IBA Group Laboratory at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics

Joint Laboratories

In 1999, the first IBA-BSU laboratory New Information Technologies was established. The BSU students received the possibility to develop applications for education purposes. In 2001, IBA equipped a computer class for BSU students. This facility has been constantly updated. In 2002, a joint research laboratory intended for research with participation of students, post-graduates, and teachers was set up in the BSU.

In 2008, IBA Group and the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks of BSUIR opened two joint IT laboratories equipped with 19 and 24 up-to-date workstations. The laboratories are intended for specialized training. In 2011, IBA upgraded one of the joint IBA-BSUIR laboratories and created the Academic Center of IBM Competences. In September 2011, IBA opened one more IT laboratory at the Faculty of the Information Technology and Control.

IBA and BSU opened an IT Competence Center aimed at raising the level of IT education at the Belarusian State University

In 2011, IBA and BSU opened an IT Competence Center aimed at raising the level of IT education at the Belarusian State University. Providing education in state-of-the-art IT technologies for the BSU lecturers and students, the IT Competence Center contributes to the implementation of the following programs:

  • IBM university programs, including IBM Academic Initiative launched in BSU
  • Microsoft Education Program that includes numerous courses in innovation in the education process (IT Academy, Innovation Centers, MLG, MDAA, E-Learning), licensing programs for lecturers and students (CASA, MSDN Academic Alliance, Faculty Connection), and support for students and young specialists at contests and conferences (Imagine Cup, Microsoft technologies in programming theory and practice)
  • Education programs using the SAP landscape, deployed at the IBA servers. Teachers are certified in SAP Certified — Associate Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5
  • Education programs for lecturers and students in information technologies to meet the IBA demands in human resources.

IBA and BSU opened IT Competence Center to provide IT education for BSU lecturers and students IBA and BSU opened IT Competence Center to provide IT education for BSU lecturers and students

Practical Training

IBA conducts practical training in IT areas that are on demand in IBA. Students are selected based on interviews. The groups are formed of BSU and BSUIR students and graduates who would like to work in IBA. The curriculum includes practical implementation of student projects. After graduation, the students are assigned to work in real IBA projects. The main areas for the students’ practical training at IBA include:

  • IBM System z
  • SAP
  • E-business
  • Methodology and technologies of software development.


IBA is the general sponsor of the student team of the Belarusian State University (BSU) and the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) that participate in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

In 2004, the BSU team won gold medals being among the top three of over 3,000 teams, outscoring their counterparts from MIT and Harvard University. In 2008, the BSU team won bronze medals of the championship.

Pavel Mandrik, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of the Belarusian State University (BSU) sent a letter to thank IBA for sponsoring the BSU team .

In 2012, the teams of the Belarusian State University (BSU) and the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) won silver and bronze of the 36th ACM ICPC, respectively. Boris Nikulshin, BSUIR Provost for educational work and informatization, sent IBA a letter to thank for the company's support of the Olympic movement in programming.

As for BSUIR, IBA renders methodological and financial assistance in the organization of international summer schools “Modern Information Technologies” and conferences “Distant Learning as Educational Environment of the Century” for students and postgraduates. Since 2009, IBA has been rendering assistance to the BSUIR team that participates in the international student programming contest KPI-OPEN.

Since 2010, IBA has been the primary sponsor of the BSUIR team at the Collegiate Programming Championship.

Our cooperation with the Gomel State University (GSU) includes:

  • Corporative Information System Laboratory at the faculty of Automated Information Processing Systems for joined development in Lotus Notes and other systems
  • Scientific and research laboratories for the faculty of Mathematics and the faculty of Physics
  • Joint specialized courses in Java EE, IBM Notes, DB2, UNIX, SAP, and .Net
  • Students’ training at IBA Gomel
  • Joint scientific research.

IBA Gomel demonstrates its commitment to good corporate citizenship by providing financial support to talented students.

  • Computing and network equipment for joint IBA-Gomel and Gomel University laboratories
  • Provision of fiber optic connection to the IBA-Gomel unsecured LAN for authorized students
  • Provision of software to universities at reduced prices
  • Sponsorship of summer student scientific conferences.

The IBA Gomel-created laboratory at GSU

Czech Universities

IBA CZ cooperates with the following universities:

  • Charles University in Prague
  • Czech Technical University in Prague (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
  • Prague University of Economics (Faculty of Informatics and Statistics)
  • Masaryk University (Faculty of Informatics)
  • University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Faculty of Applied Sciences)

Areas of Cooperation

  • Organization of internships for students and graduates
  • Participation in global learning environment
  • Organization of presentations and workshops for students, and participation in job fairs and career days
  • Training in software engineering 
  • Supervision and tutoring of bachelor, master, and  dissertation theses, and provision of reviews and critiques
  • Participation in technical lectures, including those related to the most up-to-date software development technologies.

IBA CZ Conducts Software Summer Camp

IBA CZ Conducts Software Summer Camp


IBA Group strives to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates, improving the quality and well–being of these communities. This provides a source of pride in the company for our employees and a focus for their involvement in community life.

IBA provides support on a regular basis to a local social pedagogical center, an orphanage, the Belarusian Association of Visually Handicapped, the Belarusian Children’s Hospice, the Social Service Center, and the Center for Extracurricular Activity in Minsk.

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 IBA Group organizes celebration of International Children's Day for orphans and children living in adoptive families. IBA Charity Event for Kids “I Paint Summer”

IBA participated in a charity action within the program Rejoice at Life carried out by the Belarusian Charitable Foundation To Chernobyl Children. The idea of the program was to involve handicapped children in versatile spheres of life. We hope that the computers donated by our company within this program will provide new education opportunities to children with disabilities.

IBA Group received a letter of thanks from the Belarusian Children’s Hospice, a registered charity providing palliative, respite, end-of-life and bereavement care to life-limited children and young adults, and their families. IBA Group employees created a mobile application Hospice Project – Volunteer Driver within the Charity Engineering Hackathon. In addition, IBA Group provided support in the organization of a family festival at the Hospice's summer center Aist.

IBA Group organized a New Year 2019 celebration event at the Belarusian Children’s Hospice, which included an entertainment program, as well as gifts and sweet treats for children.     

IBA Group organized a New Year 2019 celebration event at the Belarusian Children’s Hospice IBA Group provided support in the organization of a family festival at the Hospice's summer center Aist IBA Charity Event for Kids “I Paint Summer” IBA Charity Event for Kids: Wild West Summer Party

IBA Web Design Studio cooperates with the Belarusian charitable foundation Touch a Life. IBA developed a website for the foundation for free, and set up and configured EasyPay, the Belarusian e-payment system, to receive donations via internet.

On New Year's Eve, IBA conducted charity events for Belarusian children at risk. IBA conducts charity events for Belarusian children at risk.

Other IBA's charity actions include gifts to World War 2 veterans and New Year presents to children of the Minsk Orphan Asylum #3, the Minsk Orphanage #4, the Orphan Asylum# 3 of the Myadel Region, the Social Pedagogical Centers of Minsk's Soviet District and the Logoysk Region, and the school for retarded children of the Pinsk Region.

IBA congratulates World War 2 veterans IBA congratulates World War 2 veterans


Green IT is of high importance to IBA. The IBA development centers are located in the countries that are not rich in natural resources and therefore we strive to use electric power and other resources efficiently.

The IBA Green IT CSR section includes the following activities:

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  • Acquire only the equipment that we really need
  • Limit the use of paper (workflow automation and common printers for several floors)
  • Use power management tools for monitors and hard discs
  • Use efficiently the existing equipment
  • Replace outdated equipment with new and more effective on schedule
  • Introduce new generation technologies.

IBA Eco City IBA promotes safe disposal of batteries

In 2009, IBA was selected a winner of the Belarusian contest The Brand of the Year in the category Socially Responsible Brand. IBA was named The Best Employer and awarded with a gold medal and honorary diploma.

In 2011, IBA Group made for the finals of the 2011 European Outsourcing Association Awards in the category Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, IBA Group was awarded by the Institute of Certified Financial Managers (ICFM) as The Best Employer of the Year 2011.

In 2012, IBA was recognized among Best Companies to Work for in Belarus. IBA was selected the winner in the category The Best IT Company to Work for (50+ employees). Expert Opinion. and was awarded the third prize in the category The Best Company to Work for (250+ employees).

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