IBA Group Presents EasyRPA Innovations at Banking RPA Day-2023

December 12, 2023 

At the Banking RPA Day-2023 online conference held on December 8, IBA Group explored the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence in banking. Focused on developing intelligent software robots that enhance banking processes, the event attracted more than 50 banking sector representatives from Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan.

Sergii Baibara, Director of IBA Ukraine, appeared before the audience, providing insights on the various tasks that intelligent software robots can handle. He explained that banks are now utilizing RPA technology to perform a range of functions, such as extracting data from documents, classifying emails, operating in virtual workspaces, converting speech to text, and enhancing customer communication. He emphasized that the effective deployment of these robots not only saves time for employees but also reduces risks, improves customer service, and minimizes errors.

Sergii BaibaraDirector of IBA Ukraine

In recent years, the robotization of business processes has become a major trend. This is why the banking sector’s interest in this area is quite understandable. Specifically in the financial sector, RPA systems can effectively manage numerous tasks. This approach not only leads to operational efficiencies but also concurrently enhances productivity and quality of services

In the banking sector, the robotization of business processes is a top priority. In any bank department, a number of routine processes are now commonly assigned to software robots. RPA offers distinct advantages over traditional IT projects, enabling quick and effortless implementation of solutions on the bank’s existing infrastructure. The growing demand for intelligent process automation (IPA) has dramatically expanded the possibilities for using robots.

With IBA Group’s EasyRPA solution, banks can implement AI-powered digital robots without incurring costs for the platform and licenses. Unlike most global RPA vendors who charge an annual license fee, IBA Group offers the use of EasyRPA robots without any licensing fees, provided these robots are developed and deployed by the company. This shift to a license-free platform represents a significant financial advantage for the banking sector, potentially saving a substantial portion of their annual budget.

By adopting the EasyRPA solution, banks gain more than just access to the platform. They also receive a comprehensive suite of technical documentation essential for creating and maintaining robots. This includes developer instructions, user manuals, administrator guides, and training courses.

Furthermore, the EasyRPA platform is enhanced with additional features, such as built-in modules for document classification and information extraction. These features leverage artificial intelligence techniques, greatly broadening the scope for automating document workflows.

You can view the full presentation by IBA Group at Banking RPA Day-2023 here (Ukrainian, Russian)