IBA Group Together with RPC Launches Mobile Payment Acceptance in Croatia

December 20, 2023 

In cooperation with RPC, IBA Group launched mobile payment acceptance at Raiffeisenbank Hrvatska in Croatia. This marks the seventh country in the RBI Banking Group to introduce the tapXphone solution for accepting payments via a smartphone.

Called RaiPOS, the mobile application implemented in Croatia is based on the tapXphone solution and transforms a regular smartphone into a payment terminal. Now bank customers can easily set up payment acceptance for their businesses. All that is required is a smartphone with the installed app and an internet connection.

The RaiPOS application allows sellers to accept all types of contactless payments, including those that require PIN code authorization. The security of the payments made through the application is confirmed and certified by the MasterCard and Visa payment systems.

RaiPOS is ideal for entrepreneurs who need fast and convenient payment for services, mobility and flexibility. The service is instrumental for small businesses, including retail shops, delivery services, cafes, restaurants, and street vendors.

Vadzim SmatrayeuDirector of the Technical Division at IBA Group and Product Director of the tapXphone service

smotryaev2We are excited to launch our service in Croatia, a dynamically developing European country with a high level of bank card penetration. The introduction of RaiPOS enables local entrepreneurs to accept payments without additional equipment, offering the same functionality as a traditional banking terminal.

Launched in 2019, tapXphone has been constantly evolving, broadening the scope of transaction acquisition to include areas that were previously difficult to reach. This innovative app allows businesses to accept payments for their products and services without the need for traditional POS terminals. Instead, customers can effortlessly make payments using their bank cards, smartphones, or even NFC-enabled accessories like rings, bracelets, and keychains, ensuring a quick and familiar transaction process.

TapXphone’s adoption has been widespread, attracting a diverse range of users from solo entrepreneurs and local artisans to both small and large-scale enterprises throughout Europe and Asia. The app is a hub for processing millions of transactions from various countries, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Greece, Kosovo, and Nigeria demonstrating its global appeal and versatility.