IBA to Grant IBM Lotus Licenses

August 31, 2010 

In August 2010, IBA received an information letter  from IBM EE/A that authorizes IBA to grant the customers a license to use IBM Lotus software as an integral part of Chancellor Express, the IBA proprietary software suite.

This spring, IBM EE/A carried out an examination of Chancellor Express, a new IBA workflow solution. Based on the examination results and because of the high level of the Chancellor popularity as a workflow management platform that is used by enterprises, organizations, and government bodies throughout the CIS, IBM EE/A issued the official authorization letter to IBA.

Sergei Akoulich, IBA Business Development Director, commented: “Now the Chancellor users received an opportunity to obtain licenses for the fully–functional IBM Lotus Domino/Notes software and technical support at preferential prices as a part of the electronic document management (EDM) software suite. Thus, we implemented the idea to increase availability of the full EDM software package for enterprises and organizations in the CIS and to provide a high–quality integrated service on implementation and maintenance of such systems including IBM Lotus Domino/Notes software servicing.”

The IBM Letter