Pixelhead Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

June 1, 2010 

On May 19, IBA Web Design Studio Pixelhead celebrated its 10th anniversary. Since 2000, Pixelhead has implemented more than 150 projects and received a number of prestigious awards at international advertising festivals and internet contests.

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, Pixelhead conducted a charity act to support a charitable fund “Prikosnoveniye k zhizni” (“Touch a life”). The fund renders social and psychological support to children with cancer and hematological diseases, attracts funds for their treatment and rehabilitation, and renders help to orphan asylums. Pixelhead carried out redesign and programming of the fund’s website pomogi.by. The launch of the new release is timed to June 1, the International Children’s Day.

Anton Grekovich, Pixelhead Studio head, comments: “Being aware of working for an efficient and socially responsible company, being proud of implemented projects, and having a possibility to help those who extremely need it are the best presents for us on our anniversary”.