TapXphone Achieves PCI MPoC Certification

June 12, 2024 

TapXphone became one of the first 10 solutions globally to meet the requirements of PCI MPoC, the most advanced standard for ensuring secure payments with SoftPOS solutions. This certification underscores IBA Group’s dedication to innovation rooted in security and technological excellence.

What is PCI MPoC and Why Is It Important for Business?

PCI MPoC is a modern security standard for mobile payments on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices like smartphones and tablets. IBA Group developed it in response to the rapid spread of SoftPOS solutions and the increasing use of contactless payments via NFC-enabled devices such as bank cards, smartphones, smartwatches, payment rings, and bracelets. The goal of PCI MPoC is to advance contactless payments through secure, reliable, and convenient solutions.

Introduced in 2022, this standard revolutionizes payment acceptance by offering a modular and secure approach to mobile transactions. MPoC combines previous standards, namely SPoC (Software-based PIN Entry on COTS) and CPoC (Contactless Payments on COTS) into a flexible framework that enhances payment acceptance solutions on commercial off-the-shelf devices.

This new standard allows businesses to accept payments more quickly and easily, regardless of the mobile device they use, adhering to the latest best practices for secure payment acceptance.

What Certifications We Have Obtained

Currently, only nine solutions that meet the latest security standard are available worldwide and tapXphone is one of them. IBA Group underwent a lengthy and challenging process to verify and certify our software to this standard, achieving compliance in the categories MPoC Software Application and MPoC Isolated SDK.

The certification of the isolated tapXphone SDK allows developers and integrators to quickly create secure mobile payment solutions.


  • Protection of sensitive user data
  • Minimal security testing required
  • Easy integration

Additionally, according to the latest updates to Tap to Phone by Visa, it is no longer required to achieve additional security assessments for Visa Ready compliance, if a certified PCI MPoC Isolated SDK is in place. This makes it the fastest way to start accepting contactless payments in any mobile application while meeting the latest security standards.

The certification of the tapXphone white label application enables businesses to launch their own branded apps quickly. White label applications allow companies to customize branding and value propositions, ensuring compliance with PCI MPoC standards. This means partners can easily market their own secure and ready-to-use SoftPOS solutions.

Vadzim SmatrayeuVP Fintech Services at IBA Group

 PCI MPoC certification is a significant step in developing tapXphone as a secure solution. However, we continue to focus on other critical aspects such as transaction speed, ease of integration, stability, reliability, and rapid merchant onboarding. We can confidently say that tapXphone meets the latest security requirements necessary for protecting transactions and cardholder data.

About tapXphone

Developed in 2019, tapXphone has been a pioneer in mobile payment acceptance. With tapXphone, hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide can accept payments easily and securely using just a mobile device, eliminating the need for purchasing and maintaining additional devices. More than 30 banks in Europe, Asia, and Africa have adopted the solution and recognized the benefits of this service.