Mainframe E2E Application Support

Fragile points of mainframe

  • Difficulty acquiring specialists, teams, in particular
  • Existing support team is expensive or underperforming
  • High stuff turnover
  • SLA breakage
  • Support specialists retiring
  • Absence of experienced managemen


What we offer

L2/L3 support service team

Providing an end-to-end process of incident analysis and resolution, code change, verification, and deployment.

Turnkey support according to SLA

Outsourcing non-core activities and focusing on your business.  We develop the support process and you collect the result.


  1. Ensuring business continuity: we oversee all challenges.
  2. Reducing the  cost of ownership: no hiring of support specialists.
  3. 24/7/365 dexterity: we offer continuous on-call support.
  4. Greater availability of experienced mainframe resources: we have versatile specialists, introducing the appropriate individuals.
  5. No recruitment or training resource overheads: all HR costs are inclusive.

Our key competences

We know the development process

Understanding of all stages of software development and support processes, and skills in software design/architecture, data modeling, system integration.

We have strong support experience

Over 25 years of mainframe business applications support experience: L2/L3, 24*7 on-call support, disaster recovery support.

We have experience in different industries

Solid support experience in different areas such as banking, logistics, insurance, railway.

We use different adaptors

Practical experience in using different adaptors (IMS Connect, CICS Transaction Gateway) for modernization of applications.

We understand modern methodologies

Broad understanding of Agile and project management methodologies.

We develop in different languages

Number of programming languages such as COBOL, PL/I, PL/X, Assembler, Java, C/C++, Metal C.

We speak your language

English and German speaking specialists.

About us

30+ yearsof Mainframe perfection
100+projects on Mainframe implemented
7,500+ yearsof mainframe cumulative experience


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