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How to start with mainframe devops

Recently our team has been working closely on the processes of automating software development, testing and maintenance on mainframes. And we want to share the results with you. We hope they will help you to do DevOps on your mainframes.

Meet the GRMD

A Home for All Things Mainframe

The GRMD is a 100% open-source repository that includes useful, tested, and searchable mainframe solutions. It includes commands, scenarios, and templates to solve common mainframe problems and modernize the discipline.

We developed the repository to solve the biggest challenge that mainframe professionals encounter every day — finding ad hoc solutions to ad hoc mainframe problems.

Modernizing Mainframe

Ending the Ad Hoc Search for Solutions

Historically, mainframe has been a very siloed discipline. Everyone has created their own solutions, and kept their solutions to themselves.

The result: When you run into a problem you can’t solve, you have to perform a long, winding, ad hoc search for a solution.

  • You will look through your own notes.
  • You will ask your experienced colleagues.
  • You will read tons of boring documentation.
  • You will browse decades of complex forum posts.
  • Ultimately, you will still have to make your own stopgap fix.

The whole process is slow, frustrating and ineffective.

And we built our repository so you never have to perform searches again.

Using Our Repository

What You Will Get

By using our repository, you will break this cycle of searching for mainframe solutions, and improve your mainframe practice as a whole.

Quickly and easily solve problems

Throw out your notebooks, stop scouring the web for solutions, and find a lot of useful mainframe information in one place.

Learn new mainframe skills

Explore modern approaches to mainframe administration, bring real-world DevOps practices to your work, and evolve your department.

Contribute to the community

Share your knowledge with other professionals, help your peers find solutions faster, and make our community even smarter.

Inside Our Repository

What You Will Find

Our repository gives you a single home for “all things mainframe”. You can ask questions, leave comments, and — most important — find solutions to your mainframe projects.

Our repository includes:

  • Commands and scenarios to work with utilities, subsystems, and programs.
  • Examples and templates for different scripts (including JCL, REXX, Shell, and Java).
  • Our own solutions to bring automation and DevOps principles to mainframe.

Let's make mainframe grow on

Contribute to our Global Repository for Mainframe Developers to promote mainframe

Our Guiding Principle: Simple, Practical Solutions



There’s nothing fluffy, ambiguous, or theoretical.

Every solution is practical and solves a real-world problem.




There’s nothing that only sounds good on paper.

Every solution actually works and has been field-tested by our teams.



There’s nothing hidden.

Every solution is well-organized and easy to find through a simple search function.

Easy to Understand


There’s nothing confusing.

Every solution is written as simply as possible in clean, clear language.



There’s nothing repetitive.

Every solution is the single best answer and approach to the problem it solves.

How to Use Our Repository

Most Common Cases

Our repository is a 100% open-source project. It is free to use, developed on GitHub, and provides a wealth of features to drive common, practical use cases.


Clone or Download the Repository

to use its information offline as your own local, customized knowledge base.

Subscribe to Updates or Bookmark the Repository Page

to receive updates or just browse it as needed.


Add Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

to make edits on existing solutions or to ask for missing solutions.


Fork the Repository on GitHub, and Edit it Privately

to make your own private version within GitHub’s web interface.


Add Public Materials, Examples, Scrips, and Templates

to share solutions that others might find useful.


Who is it for

A New Home for the Mainframe Community

Anyone in the mainframe community can derive value from our repository. We developed this project to solve the unique problems of both junior and experienced mainframe professionals.

Junior Professionals

  • Easy-to-understand solutions
  • Usable as a knowledge center
  • Modern, well-known GitHub platform
  • Contribute to your new community

Experienced Professionals

  • Information center to send Juniors
  • Fork to protect your private solutions
  • Unify your daily-use templates
  • Share your proven, tested solutions

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Mainframe DevOps: we learn from people more than from books

In this session we shared how you can bring open-source to the zOS and how anyone from the mainframe community can:

  • Save a lot of time, effort, and frustration when solving mainframe problems.
  • Throw out some of your technical folders, notebooks, files, and sticky notes.
  • Discover a lot of useful, hard-to-find mainframe information in one place.
  • Learn some new, modern approaches to mainframe administration.
  • Bring real-world DevOps practices to your mainframe function.
  • Contribute your knowledge to the mainframe community.

Get Started

Access Our Repository Today

By using our repository, you will:

  • Reduce your time searching for mainframe solutions
  • Avoid the most common mistakes in mainframe administration
  • Rapidly access and deploy working templates and scenarios
  • Improve and evolve the mainframe community

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