Automation of Reporting on Training Management in the Company


The customer is the company’s business unit engaged in training management. Previously, reports on the implementation of training programs were prepared manually: they collected data from various training systems and summarized them.

Business Challenge

The company has several training apps that collect a variety of data about students, instructors, and training programs. This data needs to be collected in one system and automate the reporting process.


Since it was required to build a solution framework in a short time, we decided to use an open source solution. The IBA Group team developed a test version of the data warehouse with integrated Tableau BI system. Dashboards and reports are now created in this software.

The challenge of the project was that the various applications of the training platforms had to be taught to communicate with each other. For example, there is an application where employees take courses and another application where they provide feedback on these courses. The task was to write a utility that would automatically forward users after completing the courses to the feedback page which already contained the details of the course.


Previously, report preparation using MS Excel took about a week. Now this process is fully automated with a ready-made dashboard in Tableau.

The customer is also able to track and analyze the content: demand for courses, percentage of fully-completed courses, and number of certificates received by students.