Case Study оf Maximo Development Service for Data Transfer Company


A telecommunications provider specializing in mobile communication and data transfer services using advanced high-speed Internet technologies. This entity presents a range of user-friendly and cost-effective plans and services tailored for smart device users.


Telecom & Media


  • Upgrade from Maximo 5.0 to Maximo 7.5
  • Migration of 90+ siloed and poorly documented legacy apps
  • Continuous system operation during migration
  • Integration with seven External Systems


  • Holistic approach to migration of every application
  • Data synchronization procedures
  • IBA-developed automation tools
  • Introduced automation resulted in 80% reduction in efforts


A robust system designed for stability and scalability, it meets stringent security standards. Capable of handling varying loads, it ensures performance and uptime. The system includes advanced security features like access control, and continuous monitoring, making it ideal for high-security, high-performance environments.