Peleng JSC Project

The project is designed to create and implement an automated system based on Windchill and Pro/Engineer PTC software products. The system is intended to manage product engineering data and product lifecycle at the Belarusian joint–stock company Peleng.


Peleng JSC


A leading Belarusian company in optoelectronic instrument engineering. The company employs more than 1500 specialists. Peleng JSC carries out fundamental scientific research and development in close cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences. The company was one of the first enterprises in Belarus certified to ISO 9001.





Project Overview

The new automated system is aimed at meeting the following challenges of the customer:

  • Adequate management of engineering and technological data that include 3D computer models and drawings, results of virtual and physical tests, text and graphic documents, and numerical control programs. Easy handling of data that is constantly growing both in volume and complexity.


  • The highest possible product quality, management efficiency and data control.
  • Reduction to a minimum of the response time, number of errors, and time needed to design and automate management processes.

Project Execution

IBA and Peleng selected Windchill because the product meets the specifics of the client’s engineering and technology data management. Based on web technologies, the software seamlessly integrates different workbenches from remote locations in a single system, providing effective automation of product and process data management.

The IBA responsibilities include:

  1. Development of the system that is intended to manage engineering data and product lifecycle
  2. Optimization and unification of the customer’s business processes
  3. Preparation of guidelines to use 3D design and data management software.


The system features include:

  1. Product composition management
  2. Automation of product design processes
  3. Centralized storage and management of access to design and technological documentation (archiving)
  4. Management of distributed product development by designers and technologists
  5. Management of work and document streams (approval routes, measurements)
  6. Planning and management of product development projects
  7. Automated generation of output document forms and data retrieval for CAD/CAM of the enterprise
  8. Accumulation of intelligence and transfer of past solutions to new products
  9. Storage of data accumulated in the entire product lifecycle, including electronic documents, 3D models, computer graphics, charts, plans, calculation data, test data, and reclamations.

Project Results

IBA created an automated system to manage engineering data and product lifecycle, optimized and unified the company’s business processes to develop new products, and prepared guidelines to utilize 3D design and data management software.


For Peleng JSC, this system is a good start for further streamlining of technological preproduction and production management.

The PLM/PDM system created by IBA for Peleng JSC is the first completed project of that kind in Belarus.