Development of a Unified Information Web System for an International Corporation


Different business units of the company have many systems that address the same tasks in different ways. It is required to develop a unified solution for the entire enterprise.

Business Challenge

Develop a scalable solution that allows combining various enterprise systems into one.

Project objectives:

  • Migration from legacy systems to a modern platform.
  • Development of a unified application.
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining multiple systems that address the same tasks.


IPPF (Integrated project planning and forecasting) is a web-based information system that collects contract and project information from various enterprise sources. By consolidating this data, workflows, and reports, the solution allows contract and account management to be integrated into customer management systems.

The IPPF solution provides project managers and partners with a key resource to help manage and monitor financial and non-financial project information through project financial supervision (planning, reconciliation and forecasting), non-financial project evaluations, and integration with back-end systems.

Technically, the IPPF solution runs on a web server cluster of three servers connected to three DB2 servers. Fallback recovery is ensured: in the event of an application failure, it can switch to another app deployed in a different cloud region.


A state-of-the-art and scalable JEE application has been developed, which includes 30 different data sources. The number of IPPF users is constantly growing and amounts to more than 30,000 people worldwide.

The customer benefited from a multiple reduction in costs for maintaining the system due to the closure of similar applications.

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