Automotive Business System Support



Our customer is the world's largest automaker employing about 327,000 people around the world. It has manufacturing operations in 33 countries and its vehicles are sold in 200 countries.

Project Overview

The project was designed to maintain, migrate, and enhance an engineering business system of our customer. All sustained applications are part of the Automotive Business System (ABS) that is used to manage business processes of creating/optimizing/modeling/testing/financing car production. The ABS user community includes Europe, North America, and Australia.

Project Execution

IBA Group acted as a unique supplier of all skills needed for the project. Members of the IBA team selected for the project spoke English and German. The project comprised Transition and Steady State phases. The Transition took three months, while the Steady State 2 years.

IBA responsibilities included sustaining the applications; suggesting improvements and enhancements; estimating possibilities for migration and development; performing proactive and reactive troubleshooting to identify and resolve problems; and 24x7 support.

Software Environment

  • Operating Systems: HP UX, IBM AIX, Windows, Solaris;
  • Databases: Oracle 8/9, Focus, TM1, Open Road;
  • Programming languages: Java, C,C++, VB, Small–Talk, XML, HTML, JCL, Shell Unix Scripts, PL/SQL, PL/1, Cobol, Focus, Oracle;
  • Technologies: Java EE, Struts, CORBA, JDBC, JSP, JSTL, JNDI, SWING, Ant, JUnit, Cactus, EJB, TopLink;
  • Tools: WSAD, Visual Works, Open Road, MS Visual Studio, Visual Age, CVS, VSS, Eclipse, Toad;
  • Project Management Tools: Lotus Notes, MS Project.

Hardware Environment

  • HP V–Class production cluster;
  • HP V–Class Test Server;
  • Windows Servers.

Project Results

IBA Group provided support for ABS within two years. The list of enhancements for application functionality was fulfilled, including changes in GUI, Business Logic, and DB structure. The list of migrations was implemented (Oracle DB, LDAP, and Application Servers). The Service Level Agreement was executed (Previously, time reaction aroused problems).

The customer was able to reduce development costs while maintaining high quality. All deliverables were completed on schedule and exceeded quality requirements specified by the customer.

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