IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office

On July 22, 2015, IBA Group opened a new office in Gomel, Belarus. The opening ceremony was held in the newly built office of IBA Gomel Park, one of IBA Group's development centers in Belarus and a member of High Tech Park (HTP). IBA Gomel Park is planning to expand its activities in the Gomel region and to increase the volume of outsourcing services.

The new production facility of the IBA Group's development center in Gomel is designed for 200 employees and is located next to the current office of the company. The new office features comfortable workplaces equipped at a state–of–the art level, as well as a training center, and meeting and recreation rooms. In addition, the new building includes sports and fitness facilities. Thus, IBA Gomel Park is able to create 200 new jobs and to contribute to the IBA Group's business development.

To inaugurate the opening of the new building to the general public, Sergei Levteev, Chairman of the Board of Directors at IBA Group, Igor Khobnya, IBA Gomel Park Director, Valery Tsepkalo, HTP Director, and Pavel Pavlov, Acting Chairman of the Gomel City Executive Committee, held a ribbon cutting ceremony. Representatives of the Gomel Region authorities, IBA Gomel Park customers, Gomel university teachers, and IBA Gomel Park experts were among the honored guests.

According to Khobnya, it is possible to increase the number of IT professionals in the new IBA Gomel Park premises from 350 to 550 within a year or two, employing graduates of Gomel universities. He said: “People are the main wealth of any company. The IT sector demonstrates it as no other sector because most of the company's achievements depend entirely on the intellectual potential of its employees. Therefore, it is crucially important to provide them with good working conditions. We spent roughly 3.5 — 4 million US dollars to renovate and equip the new office, trying to create the best possible conditions for our developers”.

Commenting on the event, Levteev said: “When in Gomel, I regularly visit production facilities of the IBA Group's development center, observing how the employees work. It was a bit crowded there, but I always admired a friendly, almost family atmosphere in the Gomel team. I hope that the new building will be comfortable to work in and will also contribute to an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. I am confident that the present and future employees of IBA Gomel will find a use for their talents in the company. People must go to work with a feeling of happiness. It is a part of the formula of happiness. The times when the infrastructure of development companies was based on rented premises that were inherited from Soviet times fall into oblivion. Today, the working conditions of developers are similar to those of their Western peers. It is just one more reason to stay in this country and not to go abroad in search of fortune.”

After the ceremony, the company management honored the best employees of IBA Group.

IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office

IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office

IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office

IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office IBA Gomel Park Moves to New Office

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