IBA Group and Visa Launch Tap To Phone in Belarus and Ukraine

As an authorized Visa solution provider, IBA Group launched Tap to Phone solutions in Ukraine and Belarus. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Tap to Phone technology is an evolution of the mobile acquiring technology, enabling a smartphone with an NFC chip to work as a point of sales (POS). To accept payments, one needs to install a transaction processing application on a smartphone and have a bank account.

The application supports payments by contactless bankcards and NFC-enabled smart devices. Using the technology, SMEs can provide additional services to their customers who prefer cashless transactions.

On June 6, IBA Group presented the Tap to Phone technology in Belarus in cooperation with Visa and Priorbank, a leading commercial bank of Belarus. On June 4, IBA Group in cooperation with Visa and Oshchadbank, a leading Ukrainian bank, launched a Tap to Phone solution in Ukraine. The two countries are among the first in the world to introduce the Tap to Phone technology.

Vadim Smotryaev, solution architect and division director at IBA Group, said: “We implemented the project just within three months. However, to make it real, we used our ten-year experience in NFC technologies and analyzed user experience in different payment systems that we developed at IBA”.

Tap to phone conference

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