IBA Group to Expand Cooperation with Russia

IBA Group, an alliance of IT companies headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, has recently opened its office in Moscow. IBA Group has a long history of working with Russian companies. Located in Minsk, Belarus, the IBA's largest development center was founded in 1993 by IBM and the two major Belarusian IT enterprises: the Minsk Computer Production Association (MPOVT) and the Computer Scientific Research Institute (NIIEVM). Those familiar with the USSR IT history might remember the giant that produced more than 50 percent of the USSR computers and the leading IT research institution in the former Soviet Union.

IBA was conceived to complement high skills of local professionals in the area of software development with advanced technologies provided by IBM. Initially, the team was composed of several developers and its activities were focused on the provision of software development services in the market of the former USSR. Afterwards, the company evolved into an international group that offers software development and migration, product maintenance, 24X7 support, distribution, consulting, system integration, and turnkey solutions. In 1999, IBM withdrew as a part owner of IBA, however, remains a strategic business partner.

IBA Group prides itself in a rich client base that is consistently growing. The company has implemented numerous IT projects for clients in 30 countries including the Russian Federation.

In 2002, Podolskkabel, a leader of the Russian cable industry, made a decision to introduce an ERP system to manage its distribution, finance, and manufacturing. In April 2004, Corporate Finance Systems (CFS), IBA, and Podolskkabel specialists implemented the system using IFS Applications. Valeriy Vankin, Podolskkabel Deputy Director for Production, said: “Our plant became one of a few Russian enterprises where production planning is really based on MRPII. This opens huge perspectives.”

Cooperation between IBA and the Tupolev Design Bureau, the oldest Russian aircraft organization, began in 2003 and is still underway. The current project is designed to automate the workflow between Moscow and Ulyanovsk divisions of the Tupolev Design Bureau.

The list of other Russian customers includes Alfa Bank, Gorky Automobile Plant, Norilsk Nickel Concern, Ministries of internal affairs and defense, IBS Ltd., Russian Aviation and Space Agency, Rostelecom, and metallurgical plants in Beloretsk and Chelyabinsk.

However, Russian customers account for only 3.2 percent of the IBA clientele. Company management set up a goal to expand cooperation with Russian companies. Such cooperation has proved to be beneficial for both sides. Speaking the same language and having a common past, IBA and Russian companies are in an excellent position to advance hand in hand for progress and a common future.

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