Exploring RPA Developments in Snowy Belarus

March 12, 2019 

I went to Minsk in Belarus recently, taking myself from a gorgeous Brazilian summer into the depths of winter. The journey was worthwhile though. I’ve been following many of the service companies in Eastern Europe for years and I have watched how many of them have blended IT Outsourcing with Business Process Outsourcing and customer experience (CX) expertise. In the modern environment, delivering great CX usually needs technology expertise so it’s no surprise that some of the IT-focused companies are now involved in CX.

IBA Group is one company that has been on this journey. What I was really surprised to hear was how advanced their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expertise has developed – their approach to RPA is not typical. They have experience of delivering real projects to real clients in multiple countries using the top 4 RPA software platforms.

Now contrast this to the typical RPA story in the media. Robo-bosses, robots taking over, and other mentions of robots replacing humans. When reading about RPA we usually read hype and grand claims of digital transformation, often from experts or IT companies with very little track record in this area. Yet IBA has been quietly developing expertise in all the major RPA platforms all over the world and there is no hype at all. They have just been getting on with the job – which is quite a contrast to the usual obsession brands have with PR.

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