Exploring How Sourcing Has Changed In Belarus And Beyond

February 26, 2019 

Intelligent Sourcing publishes an article by Mark Hillary, covering his visit to the IBA Group’s campus.

Exploring How Sourcing Has Changed In Belarus And Beyond

I recently visited IBA Group in Minsk and I had the pleasure to speak with Andrei Lepeyev, the director of a software development department at IBA Group. As someone who studied software engineering at university myself, I’m always fascinated by the way that platforms such as cloud computing and the app store have changed what it means to deliver software, so it was really great to catch up with Andrei.

I have followed IBA Group now for quite a few years as they emerged quite early on in the old days of Eastern European IT outsourcing. It’s interesting to contrast how much has changed and how the old model of outsourcing is truly dead – even this journal renamed itself to remove the word from the title!

Outsourcing in this nearshore context used to involve companies with tech expertise pitching for development or implementation contracts in Western Europe and emphasising that they might not be as cheap as their Indian rivals, but they are at least nearby – it’s easy for people from both companies to visit each other. This worked for many years, but as I mentioned in the first paragraph, the way that most companies purchase technology systems has changed dramatically. Consider how some of these concepts are entirely normal now, but were unusual a decade ago:

  • Cloud computing; the ability to offer unlimited storage and server capabilities without needing to install or maintain anything locally has redefined how enterprise IT systems function today.
  • Pay as you go; this has been enabled only by the cloud. Without the need to invest in hardware and an expensive implementation of software (which may also need customisation) it is possible to offer software to the enterprise and only charge for what is used.
  • App Store; used more by individuals rather than the enterprise, but increasingly the same concepts are being used allowing companies to easily find and update software systems with very little need for expertise or maintenance.

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