New IBA Group Blog Focuses on IT and Outsourcing

March 15, 2010 

IBA Group launched a blog to host a conversation on trends and issues that are topical for IT companies working in the software outsourcing industry and for people whose everyday work is related to information technologies.

By offering a collaborative forum, IBA Group would like to create a platform for sharing information and talking directly with its publics in a format that is comfortable and familiar to them. IBA Group intends to make the blog interactive and as informative as possible.

To lead the blog, IBA Group invited Mark Kobayashi–Hillary, a British writer with a history of commenting on technology, outsourcing, globalization, and corporate change. Mark and other bloggers will offer discussions in diverse aspects of the IT outsourcing industry, as well as give answers to the questions of the blog visitors.

Mark comments: “I’m very pleased to be working with IBA Group on their blog. I believe that companies in the IT and hi–tech service sector need to use engagement tools such as blogs to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge of the market, so this is a great opportunity to work with a firm that is rapidly becoming more visible.” He adds that the blog is intended “to engage and educate, to offer some new opinions on IT services and outsourcing and in particular on the eastern European market”.

To engage in discussions on outsourcing to Central and Eastern Europe, visit