IBA Installs Currency Exchange Terminals at BPS-Sberbank

September 17, 2019 

On September 3, BPS-Sberbank, a leading Belarusian savings bank, announced the launch of currency exchange terminals, allowing for buying and selling foreign currency in a self-service mode. IBA Group developed the solution for Diebold Nixdorf terminals that employ the cash recycling technology. 

The terminals perform currency exchange operations in accordance with the bank’s official exchange rates. To exchange currency, the users choose the operation and the currency they need and insert cash. The screen displays the amount in both currencies and the non-cash change in Belarusian rubles. The user can transfer the change to a BPS-Sberbank card account, use it to top up a cell phone or pay for internet services, or send it to a charity. After that, the device issues money in the desired currency.

When buying foreign currency, it is necessary to take into account the minimum face value of banknotes available for issuance.

Available 24/7, the terminals operate at four locations in Minsk and one in Kobrin, Brest Region.  In addition, the terminals accept Single Settlement and Information Space (SSIS) payments and card deposits.

In retail banking, IBA covers 85 percent of the Belarusian market of payment terminals. Other areas of IBA Group’s operation in the banking sector include digital banking, corporate banking, retail banking, IT infrastructure, and analytics. Today, all major Belarusian banks use IBA Group’s solutions.

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