IBA Group Launches New Facebook Page

November 15, 2011 

IBA Group launched a new Facebook page. It is a dynamic custom page that provides brief information about IBA Group, an overview of the IBA Group’s services, and contact details.

The primary goal of the creation of the IBA’s Facebook page is to connect and build relationships with customers, journalists, colleagues, and other stakeholders. The IBA’s Facebook page also features photos and videos of what goes on, as well as starts discussions and announces upcoming events. 

The page integrates all IBA Group’s social media sites. Using the icons at the bottom of the page, you can easily navigate to the IBA area at You–Tube, read its tweets or join discussions of the Greater IBA Group Connection at LinkedIn. The top menu provides a link to the IBA Group’s blog.

IBA invites visitors to share their thoughts on the social media platforms — Facebook, blog, and LinkedIn, or follow it on Twitter.

Please take a moment to hit the ‘Like‘ button and make sure to share the link with anyone who you think would be interested.