IBA Group Completes Project for Telephone Company

January 11, 2013 

IBA Group completed a project on upgrade of an electronic document management (EDM) system based on IBM FileNet P8 4.5. Implemented by IBA Group for Telephone Company the project started in June, 2012 and was successfully completed in November.

The EDM system of the customer is intended for verifying, recording, and storing of primary accounting documents of sales offices. The system performs the following functions:

  • Scanning, recognition, and automatic and manual document classification
  • Audit of accounting documents.

The customer planned that the project would be implemented in two stages:

  • Audit of the existing system to identify possible approaches to the optimization of its operation, and improvement of its fault tolerance and performance
  • Implementation of functional enhancements to optimize current business processes.

As a result of a tender carried out by company, IBA Group was selected the winner to implement the FileNet project.

IBA Group performed the following work:

  • Conducted an audit of the existing system and generated a list of recommendations to make its operation more stable
  • Performed a number of functional enhancements
  • Optimized existing business processes
  • Imported the documents to the electronic archive.

IBA received a letter of thanks signed by IT Department Director, Financial Department Project Manager, and IT Department Project Manager. The letter says: “We would like to underscore professionalism of consultants and developers at IBA, profound expertise in different platforms, comprehensive approach to problem solving, and effective project management procedures. IBA performed the work in line with the project schedule and quality requirements. We express our gratitude to the IBA team and hope to continue effective cooperation with IBA Group.”