IBA Group and Automation Anywhere Meet

February 28, 2020 

On February 28, IBA Group met Automation Anywhere, one of the oldest RPA companies in the world. As the two companies signed a contract on bilateral cooperation in 2019, this year they aimed to bring their collaboration to a new level.

Peter Lämmer, Director Channel & Partner DACH, CEE; and Davit Tonoyan, Strategic Partner Manager at Automation Anywhere, visited the IBA Group’s campus.  IBA Group and Automation Anywhere exchanged their views on market potential, on possibilities of expansion to new industries and territories, and on partnership engagement models.

In terms of robotics and AI, Automation Anywhere said they are in favor of the industry’s democratization, where any citizen can build simple bots and only 30 percent of the bots require involvement of IT experts. They also spoke for human and bot collaboration that gave birth to a new term, namely Robotic Desktop Automation or Attended RPA, and Automation Anywhere have relevant solutions in place.

One of areas of joint interest is the Better Program of Automation Anywhere. The program encourages partner companies to suggest and develop innovative modifications to AA products.  The companies agreed on further steps to expand their cooperation.