IBA Group Automates Payment and Transport Management in Kazakhstan

February 22, 2021 

IBA Group automated ticketing and dispatching in public transport of Oskemen, the administrative center of the East Kazakhstan Region of Kazakhstan.

As a result, passengers can pay for trips by contactless transport cards and transport authorities can monitor the movement of buses, trams, and minibusses online. IBA Group implemented the project in line with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On Public-Private Partnership.

Initially, IBA Group adjusted the Automated Fare Collection System (IBA AFC) to meet the habits of city residents, preserving such features as a tariff scale, discounts, and cash acceptance. Eventually, passengers received additional services in the form of an Oskemencard transport card valid for different types of transport and an option to use multiple tariffs.

Abi AlmenbetovDirector of the Oskemen City Center for Passenger Transportation Management

Now passengers will be able to pay fares using contactless Oskemencards, which are applicable for all types of transport. The new system will enable passengers to move comfortably around the city without worrying about cash, conductors, or change.

IBA Group launched the project in Oskemen in 2019. To date, the company’s specialists installed devices and equipment in more than 500 transport units.

The project included set up of a data center for the entire system, including installation of software, mounting of server equipment, and training of local specialists.

IBA Group delivered transport cards to Oskemen and deployed a card issuing and processing facility at the Oskemen City Center for Passenger Transportation Management. The card issuing and processing center is capable to issue and service all types of transport cards, from regular to preferential.

Pavel KazlouskiDirector of IBA Kazakhstan

IBA Group develops and manufactures proprietary card validators and other onboard devices. Having established a full production cycle we deliver equipment to Oskemen on a short notice and are not dependent on third-party manufacturers, suppliers or service providers.

In addition, IBA Group implemented IBA AVM, its automated fleet management system. Using IBA AVM, Oskemen transport dispatchers can control the movement of all public transport in the city. IBA AVM monitors the schedule, traffic routes, and regularity of transportation. It minimizes vehicle delays and deviations from the approved traffic patterns.

As a part of the project, IBA Group developed the Oskembus Mobile App designed to inform passengers about transport movement and show traffic on the city map in real-time. The application operates on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

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