2010 Global Services 100 Features IBA Group

August 9, 2010 

During April and May 2010, IBA Group participated in the Global Services 100 ranking conducted by Global Services in association with NeoAdvisory for the fifth consecutive year. This year, IBA Group has been featured as a Global Services 100 provider. The survey was conducted according to the scientific research methodology based on over 200 data points and a number of qualitative parameters. The 2010 GS100 model for analysis was based on four primary pillars, namely management excellence, customer maturity, global delivery maturity, and breadth of services portfolio.

The winners in various category lists will be published by August 25. Ed Nair, Global Services Editor, comments on the outstanding qualifications of 2010 top 100 IT vendors: “2009 was a tough year for the outsourcing industry. Service providers in the GS100 list are typified by their resilience to weather the economic downturn, the ability to retain market leadership, and the flexibility to play by the changed rules of the industry”.

Atul Vashistha, NeoAdvisory Chairman, says: “There is a recognition in large companies that outsourcing as a means to reduce costs has had its time; these companies are increasingly looking at service providers being able to make their operations more effective globally and even to transform key areas of their business. The GS100 companies are the ones who are delivering on these fronts and are equipped to demonstrate new forms of value in outsourcing to their clients.”

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