IBA Group Confirms Compliance with TISAX

July 22, 2021 

On July 19, 2021, the official results of the TISAX audit of IBAGroup , the largest software development center of IBA Group, became available on the ENX Portal. The Code ID: S2V8NF.

The result is retrievable exclusively for registered users over the ENX Portal. TISAX Assessments are conducted by accredited audit providers that demonstrate their qualification at regular intervals. The assessment of IBA Group was conducted by DQS Inc., a TISAX audit provider.

DQS audited the IBA Group’s site from where the company implements projects for the automotive industry. The auditing process included remote and onsite sessions. DQS auditors assessed the VDA ISA self-assessment questionnaire completed by IBA and visited the IBA site.

DQS found IBA Group meeting the TISAX requirements in information security for the automotive industry and the company became a registered TISAX Participant with valid assessment results.

For IBA Group, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information have great value. Taking extensive measures on protection of sensitive and confidential information, the company is certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and follows the catalogue of information security of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA).

Vladimir KorolevRepresentative of IBA Group for the Information Security Management System

TISAX is yet another stage in the improvement of our information security management system and its conformity with international standards and industry requirements.


TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is a standard for information security defined by the automotive industry. The member companies of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA) have created a catalog derived from the international industry standard ISO / IEC 27001 and adapted to the requirements of the automotive world. TISAX is a registered trademark and governed by ENX Association. For more information, visit https://second.wiki/wiki/tisax

About ENX Association

Founded in 2000, ENX Association is an organization consisting of automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and four national automotive associations. ENX is the initiator and governing body of common standards and inter-operable services that are based on these standards.

The ENX network is a joint solution from the European automotive industry for the secure exchange of critical development, purchasing, and production control data used by more than 1,000 companies in over 40 countries. For more information, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENX_Association

About DQS

DQS Inc. is part of the international DQS Group with more than 80 offices in over 60 countries. DQS GmbH and UL Management Systems Solutions (MSS) merged in 2008. With their alliance, Germany’s first certification body for management systems and the MSS business unit of America’s most renowned product certifier Underwriters Laboratories (UL) achieved a place among the leading certification bodies for management systems in the world. For more information, visit https://dqsus.com/dqs-group/