IBA’s AFC System Confirms Compliance with International Standards

July 17, 2020 

The IBA Automated Fare collection system achieved VISA certification. Only ten companies in the world have received Visa certification for their transport solutions. Visa confirmed the conformity of both the AFC system and payment acceptance devices (validators).

The global Visa Ready for Transit program allows public transport operators to access proven technology solutions that significantly increase passenger traffic. According to Visa, contactless payment solutions in transport have already proven their effectiveness in increasing the speed of transactions, in reducing operating expenses, and in positively influencing the growth of passenger traffic due to higher quality of service.

Vadim SmotryaevProduct Owner at IBA Group

IBA designed the fare collection system for ground transport in accordance with world practices and recommendations of international payment systems. The Visa Ready status confirms compliance of our product with the highest international standards. We are proud that payment automation in transport can reach a new level with IBA products. It is impossible to imagine a smart city without a highly developed fare collection system in transport. Paying fare with a contactless bankcard allows passengers for having a simple and convenient way of payment.

IBA Group has been introducing innovative solutions for public transport since 2014, when the company launched its AFC System for public transportation in one of Eastern European city. In 2017, the system spread to the metro. In addition, in 2019, IBA launched a contactless payment solution on city railway lines.

To date, IBA Group implemented the AFC System in Dushanbe (Tajikistan). The company is working on launching the AFC system in Oskemen, Kazakhstan.