IBA Group Speaks about Security

April 25, 2019 

From March 25 to March 26, IBA Group participated in the IT Security Conference 2019 as a general partner.

IBA Group presented Visual Analysis Studio (VAS), a proprietary analytical solution for fraud detection in business, and a security solution for companies that provide outsourcing services.

In addition, IBA Group delivered a presentation entitled Graphical Data Analysis, highlighting the features of IBA Visual Analysis Studio. During the presentation, IBA spoke about graphical data analysis from IBM QRadar SIEM, graphical analysis of telephone conversations, and detection of financial fraud schemes.

The second presentation delivered by IBA Group was entitled Secure Outsourcing: Privileged User Management. IBA devoted its presentation to outsourcing services, as this business organization model is widespread. The majority of banks and other organizations use outsourcing in their internal processes. The use of third-party organizations is justified in many cases, helping organizations to reduce costs and achieve greater flexibility of business.

The IBA Group’s presentation also covered the following issues:

  • How to control outsourcing provider’s behavior in the outsourcing vendor’s corporate network?
  • Has the customer the tools designed to investigate potential incidents?
  • How can outsourcing vendors provide secure access for third-party companies?
  • How can outsourcing vendors acquire tools for analyzing the actions of third-party companies within corporate networks?

At the conference, IBA Group had a booth where delegates had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with IBA’s products and services.

Leading information security executives from the European Union attended the event.