Siemens Appoints IBA Group as MindSphere Silver Partner

February 11, 2019 

In January 2019, IBA Group was appointed as Siemens MindSphere Silver Partner.

MindSphere is a cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling customers to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics.

MindSphere delivers a wide range of device and enterprise system connectivity protocol options, industry applications, advanced analytics, and an innovative development environment that utilizes both Siemens’ open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities along with access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud services.

Through these capabilities, MindSphere connects real things to the digital world and provides powerful industry applications and digital services to help drive business success.

MindSphere’s open PaaS capabilities enable a rich partner ecosystem to develop and deliver industry applications.

Siemens AG is a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad.

The principal divisions of the company are Industry, Energy, Healthcare (Siemens Healthineers), and Infrastructure & Cities, which represent the main activities of Siemens AG.

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