IBA Group Attends TIBO 2019

April 30, 2019 

On April 10, IBA Group took part in the fourth international conference Industry 4.0. Innovations in the Manufacturing Sector: Industry Solutions. On the same day, IBA attended the third Belarusian ICT summit. Both events were organized within the framework of the 26th International Specialized Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Bank Technologies TIBO 2019, and held in Minsk, Belarus.

At the ICT summit, IBA Group spoke about the Harmonized Open Technical Dictionary (HOTD) online platform designed to build an effective procurement process, catalog and normalize records in the inventory directories, identify supplies for data quality improvement and consolidation, and, as a result, to reduce costs in the supply chain.

In addition, IBA Group delivered a presentation entitled Reducing Procurement Costs by Implementing a Master Data Management System on the SAP MDM Platform. During the presentation, IBA shared its experience of implementing a master data management system at Belorusneft, one of the largest industrial enterprises in Belarus.

Using this solution, it is possible to reduce costs, perform faster data synchronization, and improve the efficiency of decision-making.

The final IBA Group’s presentation was devoted to the vision of smart energetics, highlighting the tasks of ‘smart energy’.

At the Industry 4.0 conference, IBA Group spoke about the fourth industrial revolution and how IBA specialists use 3D visualization, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things to create digital twins of large objects.

During the presentation, IBA demonstrated digital twin prototypes of a railway terminal, a seaport, a nuclear power plant, a quarry, a city district, an agricultural field, and various buildings.

According to IBA Group, smart cities, roads, banks, enterprises, energy facilities, and agriculture organizations offer a completely different level of comfort, safety, and quality of life. This improves manageability and reduces costs for enterprises, as well as gives business advantages, increasing competitiveness.