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Combine real-time customer data and enjoy a modern and profitable business


SAP CX is a modern portfolio of cloud-based solutions that integrate and analyze marketing, sales, e-commerce and service data.

SAP CX manages customer communications throughout the life cycle. It helps improve service quality, strengthen business relationships and, accordingly, generate more revenue.



Growth in sales in the first year


Better sales performance

8–10 %

Higher revenue from upsells and cross-sells


Reduced cost per lead and sales cycle

5 weeks time-to-market reduction

5-times faster conversion of potential customers into buyers

100% minimization of human factor risk affecting the performance of the sales department


Centralized Management of Customer Data

Centralized Management of Customer Data

SAP CRM provides a unified system for storing and managing all customer data: contact details, communication history, orders, preferences and other relevant information. Employees of the company can easily get access to customer data and have a shared view of it.

Personalized Customer Journeys

Personalized Customer Journeys

SAP CRM provides company employees quick access to information about customers, preferences, purchase history and problems. It helps create personalized service and respond to customer requests more effectively. The system also allows setting up automatic notifications and reminders so that employees respond to customer requests on time.

Sales Performance Improvement

Sales Performance Improvement

SAP CRM provides employees with tools for managing the sales funnel, forecasting sales, keeping track of customer contacts and automating routine tasks. This helps streamline sales processes, enhance forecasting accuracy, and improve customer coordination within the sales team.

Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

SAP CRM helps you manage your marketing strategies and campaigns. It helps to segment the customer base, analyze customer data, create and run marketing campaigns across multiple channels, track their performance, and manage marketing budgets.

Analysis and Forecasting

Analysis and Forecasting

SAP CRM collects and analyzes data about customers, sales, marketing campaigns and other interactions. The solution provides tools for analyzing data, identifying trends and patterns, forecasting demand and improving the efficiency of business processes.



SAP Customer Experience is a portfolio of interoperable solutions covering your business’ needs for customer experience management. It has a back-office integration and insights toolkit to complement analytics with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).


Deployment of SAP Customer Experience in retail helps increase sales and build customer loyalty at every stage of the market cycle.

SAP Customer Experience helps maintain optimal inventory levels in stores and distribution centers.

We tailor the SAP Customer Experience solution to your goals and needs. This will speed up the time to market, guarantee complete value chain transparency and personalize the communication.

Using the SAP Customer Experience portfolio of wholesale solutions helps you sell anywhere, anytime and meet regulatory requirements.

Our team knows and can set up the main processes of the sector and will help wholesalers benefit by avoiding situations of both excess and lack of goods in stock.

We have real-life experience in integrating CRM solutions with other corporate systems: enterprise resource management systems (accounting, logistics, transportation, etc.).

Construction and Sale of Real Estate
Specifics of the real estate market are characterized by a relatively long cycle from the first client’s request to the closure of the transaction, as well as by the high subjective influence of the sales manager on the transaction outcome.

With SAP CRM, we help construction companies manage customer contacts effectively. You will receive structured and complete storage, fast processing of contact information and interaction history, convenient appointment scheduling and communication with clients through various channels.

SAP CRM solutions provide tools for managing the sales process in the construction industry: creating and managing deals, recording and tracking sales funnel steps, forecasting and analyzing sales. You will receive valuable information about clients, sales, projects and other key aspects of the business.

We have real-life experience in integrating SAP CRM solutions with other systems: project management systems, accounting, document management, etc. It provides a deeper and more streamlined automation of business processes in a construction company.

Banking and Finance
The banking sector is one of the most highly competitive in the financial market.

Using SAP Customer Experience technologies improves communication with customers and increases their involvement. It also helps banks grow their customer base by leveraging digital channels to meet customer financial needs.

With SAP Customer Experience solutions, banks can quickly complete and achieve many objectives:

  • Change the process of customer communication by providing a state-of-the-art web-portal and mobile application.
  • Create new forms of banking products and services.
  • Introduce products to market quickly.

All this helps to increase customer loyalty through the most personalized and uninterrupted communication at all stages of customer service.

Telecom & Media
Customer experience and engagement are significant advantages in a highly competitive telecommunications market.

With SAP Customer Experience solutions, our team helps you deploy a cloud platform to create a better and more reliable experience with your customers.

We can support and scale any business model, reduce time-to-market and handle customer service requests faster with SAP CRM solutions.

With SAP Customer Experience, our team of experts helps you gain a competitive edge in the automotive service technology innovation market, expand your markets, and build long-term customer relationships.

Our team helps streamline production planning and forecasting processes based on real-time demand analysis. We improve logistics processes through end-to-end integration: from dealer sales and service to batch fabrication.

SAP Customer Experience collects a wealth of data that helps dealers improve sales (primary and secondary), personalize offers, and retain customers long-term.

It helps dealers sell subscription services while keeping customers informed about production progress, shipping, warranty and service notices.


SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Service Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud


SAP S/4HANA Service


Deployment of Solutions

We use modern SAP Activate framework – deployment and life cycle monitoring for SAP solutions. A set of tools, methods and procedures allows us to quickly and transparently implement SAP projects for each project participant, enhance communication efficiency and reduce risks warranty service after launch.

Solution Support

We offer proactive support, fast response to problems, prompt resolution of emerging problems, and guarantee stable and trouble-free operation of your system, which will help you focus on your business and achieve its goals.

Update and Migration

Upgrade existing systems to new versions or migrate systems to another platform. We will help you complete this process quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and risk to your business.

Business Transformation

We will help you to carry out business transformation of processes, reduce costs and improve performance. We will develop individual transformation plans that consider your business’s specifics and provide a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Rollout and Localization

We offer rollout and localization services that will allow you to effectively run a business in various countries with high-quality products and take due regard to the peculiarities of the local market. We guarantee high quality and timely introduction of products to new regions.

Solution Integration

We develop individual integration plans taking into account the specifics of your company and offer a full range of services for its implementation and support.

Pre-Project Study and Audit

We analyze your company’s business processes and IT infrastructure and provide a detailed report on the problems identified with recommendations to address them.

Custom Designed Solutions

We develop fully integrated systems that meet the unique requirements of your business, and facilitate their effective management.

Methodological Assistance

We create individual methodological solutions for the business tasks of customers, taking into account their IT architecture. We provide comprehensive methodological support for business solutions and adapt existing customer methodologies for automation.

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