JuNaSe Solution

JuNaSe is a license-free full-cycle automated testing and quality assurance solution. Easy to use, scale and maintain, it provides a full snapshot of the tested application status.

No special skill needed – once deployed, it can be run by your Java/Python expert independently.

Go Faster

Easy to configure and start testing

Reduce the test cycle time and achieve faster releases with a higher frequency.

Go Flexible

Multi-Platform Testing

You have web, mobile and desktop integrated apps.

Test across different operating systems, devices, and browsers to ensure smooth operation for all end users.

Go Ahead

Use All Benefits of Open Source

JuNaSe solution is based on open-source. So you are free to move on independently of the developer’s support.

Among other options JuNaSe can operate in cloud. Learn more about our own cloud services.

Benefits of JUNASE Solution

You will gain access to comprehensive, effective, efficient, and predictable testing and QA services with JuNaSe solution.

Deal With Complexity with a Snap of a Finger

JuNaSe solution allows automating complex test scenarios, including web + desktop or web + oracle forms, etc.

Outstandingly all-inclusive

Carry out the testing of different application types within a single easy-to-use solution.

No time to lose

Framework’s rapid adaptation to your requirements allows kick-off of the project at the flick of a switch. It saves testers’ time letting them focus on testing extra functionality where manual testing is required.

Clear-cut Visual Results

Get access to automatically generated test results analytics with graphs, diagrams, calculations, and screenshots.

Caring Guidance

IBA Group team supports you with JuNaSe documentation, knowledge transfer sessions, and advice.

Technical Features

JuNaSe solution is simple and user-friendly.

  1. It automates all your applications testing within one framework
  2. Its core algorithm determines by itself which driver should be called for a particular test case
  3. JuNaSe solution allows sharing data between test scenarios: data can be collected from one application and used in another one

The framework consists of independent modules that can be easily adapted to customers’ needs:

  1. Selenium WebDriver allows automating web-based application testing
  2. WinAppDriver automates desktop applications testing
  3. Appium Driver automates iOS and Android mobile applications testing
  4. Java Driver automates Oracle forms-based applications
  5. JUnit allows organizing and running tests
  6. Cucumber describes steps in test cases in a non-machine language (Gherkin)
  7. Allure generates test reports in a neat web report form
  8. IBA Orchestrator allows automation testing for different application types within one framework

Center of Excellence

IBA Group dedicated test automation team is highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of test automation tools.

We work closely with product, engineering, and infrastructure teams to deliver value for the customer.

Our team helps you select a proper test automation approach and build automation processes from scratch or improve already existing automation processes.

Let’s schedule a meeting

We are online to discuss your challenges we can help with.

Easy to Get Started

01Research1 day or less

We examine the customer’s applications.

02Adaptation1 day or less

We adapt the solution to match the customer’s goals and particulars of a product.

03Proof-of-Concept (POC) Implementation1 week or more

We implement POC in order to make sure all the customer’s requirements are met.

04Implementation and execution1 week or more

We populate the solution with tests and run them.

05ImprovementCouple of days

We stabilize tests, modify, refactor if needed.

06MaintenanceAs long as you need

We support the project as required.

Contact Us

Please feel free to include any information about your business you think we should know.

We will contact you and help to implement test automation that is tailored to meet all your business requirements with our JuNaSe solution.