IBA Group offers a series of solutions designed for payment operations. These include payment terminals, currency exchange machines, internet & mobile payment systems, an automated fare collection system, and the iCard NFC solution.

IBA Payment System

The IBA Payment System provides a wide range of retail banking services. The IBA Payment System is built on a network of self–service terminals with IBA software for the IBA Information and Transaction Terminal (ITT) and IBA Payment Server.


  • Payment for mobile and home telephone services
  • Payment for public utilities
  • Payment for internet and cable TV services
  • Payment of loans, transfer of money from account to account
  • REGISTER SYSTEM allows the client to save his or her personal information and settings (phone numbers, account numbers) on the server for further use
  • MONITORING SYSTEM provides information about the status of the terminal and its modules
  • CONTROL SYSTEM manages remotely the terminal software, loads files of the information, advertising and voice guidance systems, and resets or shuts down the terminal’s computer
  • MEDIA PROVIDER SYSTEM provides the user with reference information. It comprises Info System for information, Media System for advertising, and Voice Guide System for voice support.


  1. IBA Information and Transaction Terminal ( IBA ITT)
  2. IBA Payment Server
  3. Processing Systems
  4. IBA PaymentSERVER Software
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Operation Procedure

A customer request for a financial transaction is sent from a terminal/computer/mobile phone to the IBA Payment / SMS Banking / Internet Banking Server. The Server accepts the request, provides the user with the needed information from the service provider, sends the authorized request to the bank’s processing center, and transfers transaction results to the customer. After the operation is completed, the Server enters the transaction in its transaction database.

At the close of the day, the Server sends a report on completed transactions to the bank’s processing center and the Bills System of the service provider.


Turn your smartphone to POS terminal or validator.

Increasingly, buyers are using credit cards with contactless payment technology (also known as NFC, or near field communication). According to Statista Report revenue garnered from contactless payments is projected to reach $358 billion by 2025.  Thanks to tapXphone any NFC-enabled smartphone can function as a POS terminal.


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