The IBA Group mission is to effect change and improve business performance for our clients through the use of advanced information technologies. We follow the IT trends. You can talk to our experts about any topic you are interested in and get professional consultation.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of business processes using software robots. RPA enables businesses to streamline repetitive tasks, including sorting of incoming emails, responding to chat messages or extracting of useful information from documents.


Companies create a network of physical devices that can communicate and interact with each other over the Internet. Consumers remotely monitor the data and manage connected devices via Mobile or Web Client.

Digital Twin

Digital replica of physical objects that simulates actual operational state of a product or a process. It is widely applied in such industries as energy, aviation, manufacturing, transport, logistics and medicine.


Сreate a digital model of the company’s current environment to understand the causes of the unfolding processes, predict scenarios of their development and plan the necessary changes.

Machine Learning (ML)

The technology of introducing new algorithms from data as well as past experience to accomplish tasks without human involvement. Based on the retrieved information, the algorithms make predictions, form personalized recommendations, recognize images in photographs, videos, etc.

Computer Vision

IBA Group team provides assistance in automating the processes, speeding up and simplifying response to business challenges, using computer vision technology.


We help organize the process of data origination and cleaning in the company. We develop ETL and ELT processes, Data Warehouses and Data Lakes.

We deploy and configure cloud and on-premise solution infrastructure.

Data Science

Addressing challenges in different business areas using tried-and-tested econometric models: fraud detection, outflow forecast, marketing modeling, etc. We use Python, Deep Learning frameworks, NoSQL & Big Data, BI and other technologies.


Implementing solutions that accelerate transactions, increase their reliability and reduce company costs.


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