Global insurance company built automation testing process using JuNaSe solution


The customer develops insurance global web applications that enable insurance company employees to track operations and transactions. Web application and oracle forms are used by the end user within one test scenario. Data transfer between test scenarios and application types is essential.

The customer had unsuccessful experience with automation testing. The reason was selection of inappropriate approach and tools for automation testing.


The Customer decided to setup automation testing process and create custom solution with external team, and then to maintain it by themselves. Therefore, the challenge was to build automation testing process from scratch.

Solution highlights

During the project, the team worked on the following tasks:

  • approach and tools selection employing best practices in automated testing;
  • end-to-end test scenarios automation with 2 application types (web-based and oracle forms);
  • cross-browser automation testing: IE, Chrome, Edge browsers;
  • CI pipeline setup to execute test automatically;
  • configuration of automatically generated reporting;
  • transfer automation testing workflow to customer.

Project results

Test team setup stable and easy-to-maintain test automation process. End-to-end test scenarios, that use both applications (web-based application and oracle forms) covered by automation testing within one solution. Custom automation testing solution was implemented with all JuNaSe solution benefits.

Test team also configured united report for test scenarios with 2 application types, and provided solution documentation (detailed Guideline with whole information regarding framework setup and usage) and knowledge-transfer sessions for team from customer side.


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