Robotic Automation of Business Processes in the Largest African Bank


Company employees used to enter data, switching between hand-crafting solutions and vendor systems such as SAP and Salesforce. Data transfer from app to app took a long time.

Business Challenge

Automate processes that require manual processing or switching between different systems. Besides, it is required to comply with strict security requirements for banking systems, and demonstrate the stability of the new solution.


WorkFusion RPA system was chosen for robotic process automation. The deployed solution includes processes that affect both operations with self-written solutions and vendor systems. This includes a large group of tasks that are performed by various banking units.

Examples of business processes that were automated as part of the project:

  • Checking the possibility of issuing a new car loan to the client. The process automates five systems to verify the client’s income, place of residence, driver’s license, employment, and more. Request processing time has been reduced from 4 hours to 4 minutes.
  • Collection of funds from the account holder who is in arrears. The process automates five systems to check client’s debt history and status, and to verify and recover debts. Automation reduced human involvement by 90%.
  • Checking and processing the instances of fraud with bank cards. The process automates seven systems for checking transaction logs, verifying and recovering fraudulent transactions. Automation reduced human involvement by 85%.


The introduced RPA solution allowed the bank to abandon the use of manual labor and use machine learning to automate processes. The project is ongoing, now the team is developing new processes.

Robotic Process Automation