Corporate Data Warehouse for Bank

Project Overview

The project was implemented to meet the following challenges:

  1. Design and implement a unified data warehouse based on the standard industrial model with a degree of customization up to 30 percent.
  2. Implement the algorithms of data upload from the accounting systems of the bank and external sources to the corporate data warehouse in line with the methodology of managerial accounting. To provide a possibility of performing adjustments.
  3. Implement the approaches of data cleansing and quality control, as well as business rule verification
  4. Build theme–based data marts designed to analyze general ledger data, loan portfolio, managerial accounting, and performance of the network of self–service banking equipment
  5. Implement a business glossary of banking terms
  6. Develop more than 90 scheduled reports covering the tasks of management reporting and reporting to the parent company and regulators.


IBA is working as a part of the development team. The IBA responsibilities include requirement analysis; application design; database design, application development; unit, functional and system testing; quality assurance; and support.

The first ten stages of the project were finished on time with excellent references from the customer.

The eleventh stage, namely the enhancement of the application is currently underway.

Project Results

The application was deployed to production in line with the schedule. IBA received excellent references from the customer.