IBA Group Develops a BI System to Monitor the Bank ATM Network

Business challenge

Automate the collection and analysis of information on the performance of a network of self-service machines based on the data from OpenWay Way4 payment system, integrated with the Enterprise Data Warehouse of the bank.


IBA Group has developed a BI system with modules for monitoring, analytics, prompt alerts, forecasting and optimization. Using the solution, employees generate interactive analytic reports without engagement of IT specialists. IBA Group expanded the Enterprise Data Warehouse, which now also stores information about the status of the network of self-service machines. They implemented procedures for data export from banking systems, data cleaning and uploading to data warehouse. The system is accessible from personal computers and mobile devices.


The bank improved the speed and quality of cash collection and equipment repairs. The solution allows the bank to predict operation of the network of self-service machines and quickly generate reports.


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