Building profitability calculation for a multinational technology and consulting company


Our client is a multinational technology and consulting firm, renowned for its contributions to the development of computer hardware and software. They required help to identify which projects within the company were generating profits and which were not meeting financial expectations. This evaluation was necessary to optimize resource allocation and improve overall business efficiency.


  • Profitability calculation and P&L construction for BM Global Business Support projects, including analytics by region, industry, and client cluster.
  • Constructing of a calculated target model.


  • Creating and optimizing applications in IBM Analytics Planning.
  • Writing scripts to calculate targets.
  • Integration with external systems and development of ETL procedures to obtain data from third-party sources.
  • Using a Java user interface for direct access to cubes (via REST API).
  • Presenting data both in cubes for data input and reporting cubes, organizing export/import of data.
  • Setting up access rights and monitoring the work of users.


  1. Improving the relevance and reliability of profit and loss statement calculations for current and planned projects.
  2. Stable system operation under high loads thanks to an optimal calculation process and system configuration.
  3. Expansion of the system to cover LA (Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and APAC (Asia Pacific) regions with consideration to regional specifics.