Optimizing Business Processes for Logistics


The primary objective was to migrate from the proprietary event-based system to a more flexible and maintainable solution, simplify process development, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Solution Highlights

International transportation is a complex industry that demands seamless and efficient internal processes. The company was previously reliant on a proprietary event-based system that was not only difficult to maintain but also cumbersome for developing new processes. This led to inefficiencies, increased costs, and a lack of agility in adapting to changing business needs.


  1. Improved time-to-market has been achieved, delivering new changes as fast as the business requires them.
  2. Interaction through both old and modern REST APIs, offering a seamless transition with other systems.
  3. Processes are now documented using the BPMN standard, making it easier for both business and IT teams for collaboration.
  4. Quicker adaptation to business needs.