Development of Chordiant-Based CRM System for Insurance Company

Having implemented several Chordiant–based projects for a major European bank, IBA Group received an order to develop a CRM system for a first–rate German insurance company.




Our customer is one of the largest German insurance companies.

Project Overview

The aim of the project was to develop a software application for the Company Call Center. The projects that IBA implemented for the European bank served as a reference for this customer.

The system was integrated with a telephony system and supported:

  • Different call statuses of the agent
  • Automatic caller identification
  • Call transfer (with application data transfer)
  • Call conferences.

The application supported the following main functional parts:

  • Partner identification
  • Automatic handling of customer contact history
  • Partner 360–degree view
  • Register of orders and complaints
  • Order processing
  • Broker hotline
  • Contact classification
  • Support of new insurance policies advertising campaigns
  • Email processing
  • Call of external applications (mainframe application or web applications) screens integrated into BankContact user interface
  • Application administration through web interface.

Project Execution

The project was executed in close cooperation with the customer team. IBA was responsible for design, implementation, unit testing, and transfer of knowledge to the customer development team.

The current production version was mainly developed in the IBA's near–shore development center, with short on–site workshops in Germany. A number of functional parts were developed on–site in Cologne (one month business trips). All project–related documents were stored in a Lotus Notes/Domino database (team room) accessible to stakeholders.

Project Results

The project was successfully completed. Three application versions were deployed in production. In addition, brand new functional parts and change requests based on end user feedbacks were implemented.

Almost 300 concurrent agents use the application in production. According to customer feedbacks, the application is very stable and user–friendly.

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