IBA Cloud

The IBA Cloud solution provides a reliable network, computing, and disk architecture for cloud computing with backup and related software. IBA Cloud is built using:

  • IBM BladeCenter, an efficient hardware platform.

Dependability of the IT infrastructure is additionally strengthened through the use of High Availability and Disaster Recovery tools.

IBA Cloud

IBA Services

  • Business analysis
  • Design and development
  • Maintenance and support
  • Modification
  • Business process automation
  • Training of employees

Your Benefits

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • Cost reduction
  • Improvement of customer services

Business Model

Cloud computing is a new service that provides on-demand resource allocation. A flexible pay-as-you-use pricing model is used for allocation of applications, data, and IT resources.

Infrastructure Management Methodology and Service Delivery

Cloud computing is a convenient way to manage a large amount of highly virtualized resources as an integrated one.

Transfer to Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualization is viewed as a foundation of an infrastructure of future generation. IBA Cloud provides step–by–step and easy migration from an existing physical to a new virtual infrastructure.

Virtualization of user workstations. Workstations of operators, cashiers, and accountants can be virtualized. A workstation in this case is used only to connect the user to a virtual machine that resides in the cloud. The physical storage and data processing are done on reliable cloud resources, ensuring protection of important data from viruses and hardware faults. As a result, regular PCs with limited resources or thin clients, including Lenovo Thin Clients can be used as workstations.

Efficient IT infrastructure management. With IBA Cloud, you always know who and how uses cloud resources because these resources can be allocated only to specified projects. If a tighter control is needed, virtual machines can be created only after a project goes through an approval procedure. IBA Cloud can manage IT infrastructure as a business asset, plan and keep resources for future projects, and employ additional facilities in peak loads. IBA Cloud manages infrastructure in line with ITIL v3 concepts, including: 

  • Service catalog
  • Service design
  • Unified library of images of virtual machines and software
  • Change management database
  • Configuration management database
  • Incident and problem management.

Unified management platform. You can manage all resources of your IT infrastructure, including physical servers, virtual servers, and user workstations within an integrated platform that has an in–built capability of a Service Desk. The platform is a single contact point for users and administrators, with a simple and friendly web UI and a powerful administrator interface.

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User interface


  • Quick deployment of new IT resources from predefined and tested images of virtual machines and software service packages. Quick launch and provision of IT services.
  • Coordinated and justified allocation of resources to specified projects
  • Reliable scalability. Instantaneous up–and downscaling of resources at any time
  • Comprehensive accounting and centralized management of IT infrastructure resources
  • Use of proven best practices of the ITIL v3 library to manage IT infrastructure
  • Cost reduction, including capital and current costs because resources are received only by request and paid only for actual use.


  • Simplified support of standard images of operating systems and software packages
  • Virtualization and hence cutting down the amount of physical servers
  • Lower power consumption by virtual servers and workstations
  • Reduced costs, efforts, and time to support and maintain fewer physical servers and Thin Client servers
  • Higher efficiency of IT infrastructure management.
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