Talent Constructor

Talent Constructor is designed for innovative mid–size and large–scale companies

Talent Constructor is designed for innovative mid–size and large–scale companies that have an array of different competencies and rely on employee development for their success in the evolving business environment.

Talent Constructorтм is an ERP system that combines a well–organized HR management with user–friendly personnel interaction tools.

Key Advantages

  • Entire talent management process in one product
  • Improved management of organizational talent
  • Ultimate employee engagement
  • Statistics for grounded decision–making
  • Optimized training process
  • Fast response to market challenges.


  • Unified catalog of skills and competencies
  • Employee surveys using social media
  • Employee motivation with elements of gamification
  • Employee self–assessments and reviews
  • Setting of personal goals in line with organizational plans.

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IBA offers training in object oriented programming, database management systems, integrated information systems, network and telecommunication technologies, information security, e-business, and web design. At customer request, IBA can develop a special course in any of these subjects. The training may be provided online using our proprietary tool, eUni. eUni is a software package designed to help training providers create online courses. Unlike other systems, eUni supports different types of learning organizations (university, school or enterprise/corporate-specific). The tool allows for developing online courses to suit your particular needs.

eUni is a software platform that supports online distant learning and provides a set of tools to organize and manage the learning process, create training courses, and ensure group communication. Purchasing eUni, you not only acquire a software product but also establish partnership with IBA that can help you build your distributed e-learning network.

Areas of Application

eUni is designed for:

  • Distant education: course setup, and online consulting and testing of an unlimited number of learners. It is possible to combine traditional training methods with high-end communication and multimedia technologies.
  • Traditional education: effective interaction between teachers and students, independent students’ work, testing and evaluation of students’ knowledge, and monitoring of the training efficiency.
  • Corporate education: training and testing of staff members and job applicants; support of continuous education and professional improvement; and effective interaction between remote offices.

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Start Point

Start Point, a software product designed to create an automated system of product development

Start Point is a software product developed by IBA Group based on PTC Creo and PTC Windchill. IBA Group has partner relations with Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).

Given its rich experience in all–round automation of manufacturing enterprises and a long–term cooperation with PTC, IBA takes the next logical step by offering the new proprietary software product Start Point.


Start Point is a software product designed to create a system of collaborative end–to–end product development and maintenance, product data management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and electronic document management of engineering data.

Start Point is a packaged product, which is based on proven solutions successfully implemented at manufacturing enterprises. Start Point complies with the local and international ISO standards.

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Chancellor is a set of groupware products intended for electronic document management (EDM) / enterprise content management (ECM). Designed to automate workflow and archiving, Chancellor has summarized the IBA's experience in the development of electronic document management (EDM) systems since 1998.

The product provides the following features:

  • Electronic document management (real time storage, routing, and document flow)
  • Paperwork automation (from the moment the documents come in or are created to the moment they go out, are executed, filed or archived)
  • Archiving and storage of all documents in the central storage database; search for files and documents; and export from other EDM systems.

Chancellor enables businesses to increase information exchange performance within an organization and between distributed offices, and reduce operation expenses, as well as allows for transition from bureaucratic procedures to effective workflow management. To service the system, only one administrator is needed, regardless of the number of users, units or offices.

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