Cloud Computing

IBA Group has been exploiting the capabilities of cloud computing, as well as other CAMSS technologies (cloud, analytics, enterprise mobility, social media, and security) to provide end–to–end business transformation services to our customers. In 2015, IBA Group opened its data center that offers various types of cloud services, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service).

The IBA Group's cloud–based solutions include IBA Cloud Platform, Cloud Chancellor, IT Infrastructure Technical Support System, and other IBA Solutions Based on IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure.

IBA Cloud Platform

The IBA Cloud Platform is an easy-to-use cloud computing platform that provides centralized management of public and private clouds, and enables companies to migrate their traditional applications and develop new services for their customers in a dedicated and safe virtual environment.

Cloud Chancellor

Cloud Chancellor renders an online service of electronic document management (EDM). Based on IBM Xpages, Cloud Chancellor transfers document management systems to the cloud. The EDM system allows for automation of workflow and document archiving in all types of organizations. 

IT Infrastructure Technical Support System

IT Infrastructure Technical Support System is based on IBM® SmartCloud Control Desk that provides a common control center to manage business processes for digital and physical assets. Designed for organizations that have IT infrastructure support divisions, the IT Infrastructure Technical Support System organizes Service Desk in line with ITIL V3.

IBA Data Center

The IBA Data Center is intended for customers in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Based on open source technologies, the IBA Data Center meets rigorous requirements in terms of expandability, scalability, availability, and security.

With the IBA Data Center, customers are able to choose the infrastructure that suits their requirements, including physical servers, and virtualization platforms and solutions. They pay involves only the services they are actually using and do not need to pay for the infrastructure.

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