Mainframe DevOps Webinar (Video)

Historically, IBM mainframe and zOS world has been a very siloed, closed discipline. Everyone in the mainframe community has built their solutions and kept most of their information to themselves.

We modernized and populated a new approach that broke the cycle of ad hoc web searching or reaching to fellow engineers for mainframe solutions. Our new approach gave our teams a single hub they could search to find answers to their mainframe questions.

Ultimately, we developed a GitHub repository for all things mainframe accumulating 25+ years of experience from 500+ of our Mainframe CoE fellow engineers.

At first, we kept this repository internal to prove that it worked. Now we are sharing our repository with the community as an open-source project.

We held a webinar for mainframe developers on April,22. In this session we shared how you can bring open-source to the zOS and how anyone from the mainframe community can:

  • Save a lot of time, effort, and frustration when solving mainframe problems.
  • Throw out some of your technical folders, notebooks, files, and sticky notes.
  • Discover a lot of useful, hard-to-find mainframe information in one place.
  • Learn some new, modern approaches to mainframe administration.
  • Bring real-world DevOps practices to your mainframe function.
  • Contribute your knowledge to the mainframe community.

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