Mainframe Center of Excellence

Delivering modernization, performance and system support services across mainframe on-premise and cloud landscape. Combining legacy of the past with agility and performance of the future.

Who we are

7 500Years of Engineering Excellence
500+Mainframe Software Engineers
50International Awards for Excellence

What we do

IBA Group has special expertise in mainframe software development, both system and applied, and in legacy systems migration. The expertise comes from the unique experience of our developers whose background includes system and application development for IBM mainframes and other computer platforms.

More about Global Mainframe Repository

The GRMD is a 100% open-source repository that includes useful, tested, and searchable mainframe solutions. It includes commands, scenarios, and templates to solve common mainframe problems and modernize the discipline.


More about “For Mainframe”

JetBrains IDE family plugin, which is easy to install, configure and use. It includes all basic z/OS and USS file operations and code editing as well.


Platform & Application Modernization

Platform modernization

IBA Group helps Your your systems to be up-to-date and running at optimal performance.

Modernizing critical applications in COBOL does not mean you must use COBOL to code all new enhancements.

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Workload Modernization & Mainframe DevOps

Mainframe DevOps

Want to be agile but think it is impossible with mainframes? Looking to improve collaboration between software development and operations teams? We are here to lead you on the way to continuous delivery and continuous integration.

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Ready-Made Solutions

Ready-Made Solutions

Repository of standardized mainframe artifacts, templates and scripts, work scenarios and DevOps approaches.

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