IBA Group Showcases Banking Solutions at BankIT’2019

October 31, 2019 

From October 22 to October 24, IBA Group participated in the 16th international forum on banking information technologies BankIT’2019. At the event, IBA presented an SAP PaPM-based solution that was named a winner at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2019.

BankIT’2019 focused on digital transformation, modernization of the traditional banking architecture, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Big Data, blockchain, cybersecurity and data protection.

IBA Group shared its banking expertise and delivered the following presentations.

  • Effective Business without Margin Leaks: Digital Management of Bank Performance and Profitability. Presenting the SAP PaPM-based solution, IBA highlighted its benefits, including managing enterprise efficiency and driving product and service profitability in real time. Based on the granularity of the solution’s financial model, it is possible to drill down from high level to very detailed results, exploring the entire contribution margin scheme.
  • Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence: Repeated Use of the Same Components in Different Parts of Business.
  • Improving the Efficiency of Self-Service Devices. The presentation was devoted to IBA Group’s expertise in installing terminals that employ the cash recycling IBA Group installed cash exchange terminals in a number of banks.
  • Digital Transformation of HR. Modern Tendencies. IBA Group spoke about Talent Constructor, a proprietary product of IBA Group. Talent Constructor is an ERP system that combines a well–organized HR management with user–friendly personnel interaction tools.

In 2019, BankIT gathered more than 1,600 participants. The three-day event featured a plenary session with bank executives, a FinTech event organized by A1, and 14 workshop streams.