IBA Group Opens Digital Twin Lab

September 19, 2019 

On September 13, IBA Group opened a digital twin laboratory. The laboratory operates as a part of the company’s software development department.

In addition, IBA launched a two-week hackathon, focusing on creating digital twins. Four teams will work on four digital twin prototypes. The best solutions will be transferred to the IBA Accelerator to become full-scale products. IBA Group invited business representatives to evaluate the results of the hackathon, which will allow for more efficient assessment of products in terms of market demand.

The hackathon participants work in separate work areas and share common virtual space for collaboration, namely, Jira and GitLab. This approach enables IBA Group to grow its expertise in-service.

According to Dmitry Konevtsev, Head of Software Department at IBA Group, 20 employees of IBA Group work in the laboratory. For the company, it is an opportunity to deepen its expertise in the field of digital twins, master skills, and gain product development experience in several technological areas. IBA Group’s digital twin projects combine such technologies as the Internet of Things (IoT), computer vision, and machine learning (ML).

A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. By bridging the physical and the virtual world, data is transmitted seamlessly, allowing the virtual entity to exist simultaneously with the physical entity. Digital twin refers to a digital replica of potential and actual physical assets (physical twin), processes, people, places, systems, and devices that can be used for various purposes.

Digital twins are used in the energy industry, aviation, manufacturing, transport, logistics, and healthcare.