IBA Group Recognized as Leader in The 2010 Global Outsourcing 100

April 20, 2010 

On April 19, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP® ) unveiled the rankings and sub–lists of The Global Outsourcing 100® the listing of the world’s top outsourcing service providers. IBA Group ranks in the Leaders Category of the listing and is recognized in numerous sub–lists.

The unranked lists were announced at the IAOP’s annual Outsourcing World Summit that was held in February, 2010 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, US. The rankings and sub–lists are published in a special advertising feature of the May 3, 2010 issue of FORTUNE® magazine.

The lists include companies from around the world that provide the full spectrum of outsourcing services — not just information technology and business process outsourcing, but also facility services, real estate and capital asset management, manufacturing, and logistics. They include 75 today’s leaders and 25 tomorrow’s rising stars.

According to The 2010 Global Outsourcing 100® Application Processes and Scoring Methodology, revenue is one factor to rank companies, but it is not the dominant factor. Participating companies were required to demonstrate excellence in categories such as size and growth, global presence, industry recognition, certifications, customer references, employee management, executive strength, and outsourcing experience.

Ranked #61 in the Leaders Category, IBA Group is also recognized among the Best 5 Companies by Region Served — Eastern Europe; Best 5 Companies by Industry Focus; Best 5 Leaders by Service Provided; Best 20 Leaders by Technology Focus (Hardware and Software); and Top 20 List “Climbers”. IBA Group received the highest scorings for company recognitions, company certifications, employee management, customer references, and executive leadership.

The IAOP’s special advertising section in Fortune® magazine quotes Sergei Levteev, IBA Group CEO, as speaking about outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Levteev argues: “As IT departments face tightened budgets, more limited resources, and growing time constraints, outsourcing to Eastern Europe becomes a key strategy in addressing those challenges. Eastern Europe offers European culture, geographic proximity to Western Europe, and an abundance of engineering talent.”

Commenting on the company’s inclusion in The Global Outsourcing 100, Levteev says: “Although IBA Group is not a 100 percent outsourcing company, we are proud to be one of the Leaders of The Global Outsourcing 100. We are also pleased to be honored for excellence in customer references, employee management, and executive leadership. We seek to work as a team, collaborating and innovating both with clients and among ourselves. Outsourcing isn’t just about providing a service to clients. It’s about partnering with them. Other companies may see that as a challenge. We see it as a necessity. And a competitive advantage.”